Volunteers provide support during COVID-19 pandemic

With the closure of face to face digital drop-in sessions due to COVID-19, Include-IT Mersey decided to pilot telephone support instead. Digital Champion volunteers began to offer telephone support to members of the public across the Liverpool City Region and it worked so well, this will be continuing for the foreseeable future.

Learners are getting in touch for help with queries about things like online shopping and emails by people using tablets, laptops, phones or P.C’s. Without the fantastic Digital Champion volunteers, it would not be possible to provide help to so many people across the region so Include-IT Mersey would like to say a huge thank you to all of our volunteers, including those that are unable to help at the moment due to the drop-ins being closed.

Get Online Week from 19th– 25th October is the perfect opportunity to give technology a go. Include-IT Mersey would like to encourage people to contact Lauren, the project’s Volunteer Coordinator, on 07860 846 605 or lauren.jones@seftoncvs.org.uk, to receive assistance from a Digital Champion.

Or if you would like to come on one of our training courses, please call 0151 920 0726 (extension 212) or visit the project’s website to find a training provider near you.  We are still recruiting and delivering, even if social distancing restrictions mean that some of the support will need to be provided to you remotely at home.  If you can’t already access the internet at home, either because you don’t have a computer or broadband, you will receive a tablet and mobile data (sim card) to enable you to access the internet for 3 months to enable you to take part in a course.

To be eligible to come on one of our courses, you need to be aged 30+, out of work (but not retired) and eligible to live and work in the UK.

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